Drawing lines and curves

With Spacedraw, you can draw freehand lines, CAD-like polylines and splines (known as "paths" in 2d-vector-graphics) directly in 3D. They can be combined to arbitrary complex networks.

The lines can then be used to create surfaces and solids:

All the tools for drawing are found in the -ribbon. It is organized as follows

For adjusting the lines, you can switch to the -ribbon at any time with one tap, which is esp. important for splines.

to draw, in general

  1. activate a tool and adjust the options
  2. move the tripod to the start-point and tap
  3. move the tripod repeatedly to draw
  4. tap (with quick enabled) or double-tap (with quick disabled) within the tool-zone to stop drawing; now you can move the tripod to a next start-position

NEW lines, splines and arcs can be inflated at creation, see Inflating lines