Inflating lines

The inflate-tool from the -ribbon creates surfaces around lines and curves, or the edges of meshes. “Pipes” with any number of sides, or flat “stripes” may be generated, and their thickness, NEW "squash", and rotation can be adjusted overall and in places. At branchings, the simplest possible joints are created, yielding contiguous manifold surfaces from complex networks.

The tool may be used e.g. to create pipes, cables, hoses, frames, beams, trunks and branches of trees, culms, blades of grass, snakes…

  1. select the lines / edges to inflate
  2. invoke inflate; the surface is created (according to the previous settings)
  3. adjust the overall parameters
  4. (optional) adjust the parameters at specific places: activate the vertex- or edge-selection tool and select elements; the applicable adjusters and options will be available NEW also ratation and sides can be :

Lines, splines and arcs can be inflated at creation by activating inflate before starting to draw.