Interface elements

The Spacedraw window consists of one large 3d-viewpot and various overlaid control elements:

The screen is divided in touch-areas, where touching has different effects:

By using multiple fingers, the view can be changed while operating a tool.

Tools, commands and settings

Spacedraw's functionality is exposed via tools, commands and settings, organized in four ribbons and three menus.


For specific tasks, panels are shown along the screen’s right border, containing control-elements and lists:

The panels can freely be resized, and lists can be zoomed using multi-touch:

to resize a panel, place one finger within the panel and another outside of it, then slide both fingers left/right to shift the left border, and up/down do shift the bottom or top border; start sliding above the panel’s center to shift the top border, in the lower half to shift the bottom border

The lists can be scrolled by dragging or flinging like in any Android-application, or by dragging the scrollbar like on a desktop computer if the list is longer; in this case, the scrollbar is displayed bolder, and you can drag it by touching the screen close left besides it.

to zoom a list, place two fingers within it and pinch


For typing coordinates and names of objects, material or files, a text-input box and the default Android keyboard are shown. The text box is used as follows:

to scroll the text if it doesn't fit into the box, drag or fling sideways within the box

to move the cursor, tap the desired position, or slide sideways beneath the box somewhere not directly below the cursor

to select text, either

to cut the selected text to the clipboard, touch the screen directly on the cursor and drag downwards

to copy the selected text to the clipboard, touch the screen directly on the cursor and drag upwards

to paste the text from the clipboard, touch the screen under the cursor and drag upwards

to switch the keyboard, touch and hold within the box; a list of the keyboards installed on your device is shown

When the text-box appears, it is possibly filled with the current coordinates resp. the current name, but the text is selected, and when you start typing it is deleted; to modify the text instead, first tap in the box at the desired insertion point.

Hiding the Interface

To get an unobstructed view (e.g. to take a screenshot), all interface elements can be hidden by tapping the menu-button or via the F-menu