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I'm amazed! To think that such a powerful tool for creating/editing in 3D can be on my phone for $5 is awesome. The fact that the free version allows every important feature is a large part of what sold me. I look forward to many hours of 3D doodling. =]

3d printing software. Look no further. I work with NX unigraphics.. The most powerful 3d modeling software there is for engineering and this program just blows me away!!! This program is perfect for making things that you want to 3d print because it exports .obj files which shapeways now accepts. This program is the best, hands down. Don't even waste your time on anything else. I am amazed that autodesk has not tried to buy this company yet. Keep up the amazing work!!

powerful and innovative 2 Days playing with the free version were far enough to convince me to get the key. This software is just amazing. Of course you'll get some minor bugs and you'll find limits. But the interface of the software is a jewel of creativity when you think that you can actually build complex 3d structures with your thumb on a touch screen. I'm gonna try to produce 2 scenes a month for you guys, you need to update your gallery in site and in store. This software deserve more attractive meshes. Congratulations !

Unreal I've searched several times over the past year. Can't believe this is so feature packed. And only $5! Great job and keep it coming.

No competition This is the one and only app for android 3d.

Simply awesome After reading the manual, the interface becomes second nature to create models quickly and easily. I'm glad to support the development of such a powerful tool!

Testimonials from Google Play for Spacedraw

Very good! Finally there is a 3D modelling application for android. It's not quite perfect yet, but it has a HUGE potential. [...]

Best app of its kind I dare anyone to find an app for Android and possibly even iOS that handles 3D modeling this well. The features are robust and the possibilities are endless. Only problem is the learning curve. Read the PDF file that comes with the app and be patient. It's totally worth the effort.

I'm in love This program is the best I have come across... [...]

Great Before to feel lost give yourself 2 days, whatch the tutorial on youtube, and only then give a try to some simple modeling using the manual as reference. Once you did this you will see how good this app is, it requires some effort to learn cause it fully implement touch screen input. Support this developer cause they are doing a great job innovating.

Spacedraw is the greatest 3d modeling app on google play [...]

Amazingly powerful I am a 3D modeler for more than 20 years working on 3DS max, Maya and Zbrush. I'm still hoping that one of the big names or blender decide to develop for Android. But this software have a huge potential and many tools are originals and so well thought for touch screen ! I advise you to go through the manual first. And you'll be amazed by the quality of the tools and the interface. [...]

Powerfull Balls to the wall 3d goodness.

Fantastic Steep learning curve but well worth it! [...]

Awsome At first it seems a but intimidating but once you finish the tute everything makes sense. Excellent app

Great 3d modelling tool Great approach to 3d modelling using superb touch control integration. I've been waiting for this kind of app for a long time! A 3d modelling interface is not an easy thing to make but I was able to pick up the basics in this app within an hour using the tutorial and online docs. Very good for poly modelling, I look forward to getting better with it!

[...] it does take some getting used to but once you do, it's actually very intuitive, I especially like the way you solved navigation, works really well on my Note 2. [...]

I'm an architecture student. It's the best 3d modeling software I've seen on Android so far. [...]

Just awesome!!! It’s great that this kind of App is finally on the market! My personal thoughts are only positive; it’s for tablets and phones / how great is that :)/, the GUI is very simple, but intuitive and small - you have more space on the screen, the overall features and the options allows you to apply poly-modelling technique, you can model like in any other application because the workflow is the same. [...]

Very featureful. The best yet. A good app,with many of the features you would expect from a cad software. [...]

Incredible free cad app Working perfectly on Nexus 7. I have not seen a cad app this good in Google Play and it's free!! Slightly steep learning curve if you have not used cad programs before. A context sensitive help button could vastly improve this. Overall, I'm very impressed :)

Finally! A full featured 3d modeling app for android..omg i been looking every where for something exactly like this. I bought this app a few days ago and been on it ever since Lol thank u for bringing this wonderful app to the world:) 5 stars from me. Looking forward to updates and new features;)

Amazing app! Compliments, great app!! Finally a very 3d application to draw and export the creations. At first look isn't simple to understand how to use it, but after few minutes it open to your eyes a new 3d world! [...]

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Unique and sophisticated !! In the right hands it is priceless, first impression seems able to depict everything asked of it. Worth the time and effort to master.

superb app, This app blew my mind with its capabilities. Though it does take awhile to learn the controls, when you get the hang of it, it's quite enjoyable.

awesome, This app seems like something that should cost money, but it's totally free. This app is extremely high quality and really fun.

Outstanding! Complete 3d modeling software on a student budget. Exelent documentation. Reading the help file is an absolute MUST as the U.I. is designed for an experienced user.

awesome app, this app is awesome, it has many useful functions seen in popular cad software.

The portable 3D modeling program I've been dying for! [...] As someone who is about to complete a Marketable Skills certificate in 3D Animation, this app is awesome. For anyone that knows their way around Autodesk Maya somewhat like I do, this is a no-brainer and you can easily get some nice prototypes going on if you spend a lot of time on it. Definitely a must have for any digital artist on the go. Highlight feature for me would have to be the fact that we can BOTH import and export .obj files, and the customization of the interface. Works fine on my 3.5" screen too! I might have to get a Nexus 10 JUST to dedicate it to running this app since there's nothing comparable for my iPad!



"Spacedraw is a new 3D modelling application available on the Android market and to this time it's the only one which can be called full-featured"

"Spacedraw is a very promising application which brings the capabilities of windows based 3D applications to your table or smartphone. The way how the developers used the areas and functions of a touch screen is very good and make the orientation, creating and editing very simple"


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